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I developed the affliction of a car hobby in my late teens.  What started out as basic maintenance knowhow soon blossomed into engine swaps and frame up restorations. I've been blessed to own a handful of cars over the years. Starting with mr2s I worked my way into the world of rx7s and finally settled into older german sedans. With 20+ years of projects under my belt I've got a lot to share.

3D Printers

In 2016 I finally caught the 3D Printing bug after finding a handful of applications I could utilize a printer for. Namely custom bezels to house electronics in my project cars. Since most of my designs needed to withstand high temps seen in the south during the summer, I skipped PLA altogether and started with ABS. As the years went on, I started migrating to PETG. This section covers some of my builds and upgrades.


First off, I've never been any good at playing games. However, I've always been intrigued by gaming consoles. Specifically, I've always been interested in how the hardware is designed and how to fix things when they break. This also branches off into mods / modchips but recently has become more about conservation / nostalgia. In 2021 I started a small ongoing console collection with the goal of restoring them as best I could + either modding them for RGB or HDMI output.


Home Theaters, Shops, Shower Renovations, and more. While my construction skills aren't as sharp as my electrical know how, I have taken on a handful of home improvement projects over the years and decided to catalog them here

Everything Else

A catch-all for all the rest