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BMW 540i

After selling the RX7 and rebounding with a Mercedes E55 AMG (for 6 months), the 2002 BMW 540i/6 is where I landed. One of the more laid back car purchases I've ever made because after I realized the E55 wasn't for me, I spent several  months considering exactly what my next car would be. It may seem ridiculous, but I had a substantial pros vs cons list of cars I was considering and it ended up being a competition between this, an e46, and a bugeye WRX. I picked up this e39 in 2016 after finding a craigslist listing that matched 100% of my wishlist while staying well under budget. Going into 540i ownership with my eyes wide open, I knew there would be a a lot of maintenance to go through over the next few years.

BMW 540i In-Car Infotainment

Closing in on the installation of a mobile Nexus 7 tablet based infotainment system. The project will include a Timur's Kernel 2013 Nexus 7, Custom 3D Printed Bezel, MiniDSP C-DSP, USB S/PDIF DAC, Joycon EXR, JBL GTO-5EZ Amp, JBL GTO-804EZ Amp, Factory Speakers (phase 1), Image Dynamics IDQ10 subwoofer, and a rearview camera.


Raspberry Pi Rear Entertainment in 2013 Honda Odyssey

Completed in December of 2017 this project utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3 loaded with Kodi as the new heart of my minivan's rear entertainment system. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the vehicles OEM flipdown monitor and speaker system while bringing a truckload of cutting edge features

Raspberry Pi Rear Entertainment in 2007 Nissan Sentra

Completed in January of 2018 this project replicates the proof-of-concept system installed in the Honda Odyssey a month earlier. The biggest difference being that the Sentra did not have a pre-existing rear entertainment system so this installation included two LCD headrest monitors

Mercedes E55 AMG

Officially the rebound car after selling my RX7. With kids, I needed something more practical hence a sedan, but I also wanted a good helping of power. At the time, the balance seemed to be somewhere between a e39 M5 and a e55 AMG. I went with the 500HP e55 AMG :D

Mazda RX7

A build journal dedicated to a the restoration and drivetrain swap of my 93 Mazda RX7 spanning 6 years and 1000+ hours

BMW 525i

I've never been a BMW fan, but when my dad said he was considering selling his 04 525i and wondered if I would be interested, I took the plunge. 

92 Toyota MR2 3rd Gen 3SGTE Engine Swap

Documentation from a quick engine swap I did on my younger brother's mr2. I owned and worked on two mr2s over 10 years and this one used to be mine, so the swap was straight forward and one of the nicer jobs I've done.