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In Process 


While the original Xbox isn't the first console I modded, it's definitely the console I have the most experience modding. Being around for the launch in the early 2000s afforded me the opportunity to follow LPC port exploits and the ability to run modified BIOSs. Throughout college I modded dozens of these but I've only recently been pulled back into the scene by the XboxHD+ digital video output mod. This is still ongoing because my upcoming 2nd round includes project stellar, a cap replacement, and a 128mb ram upgrade.


Nintendo 64

While I won't say most millennials loved the N64 it's hard to argue that it wasn't impactful for the target generation. I think what the N64 got right for me was native 4 player support and some very strong multiplayer games. I have fond memories of shoulder-to-shoulder gaming with friends & family during the 90s. For this revisit, I'm actually planning on doing two N64s. One with Tim Worthington's N64RGB kit, and one with PixelFX's N64Digital HDMI out kit.

Playstation 2

Ah the PS2. The console that introduced me to modchips. While I didn't play much on the PS2 I was gaining interest console modifications. Specifically for the PS2, the Messiah 2 modchip. The M2 was a ~24 wire install modchip that represented a big challenge for someone that didn't have a lot of experience with an iron. I made it through, but it was definitely trial by fire. This time around I'm planning on installing a modbo5.


What do you get when you buy a broken SCART switch off of eBay? A headache. You get a big headache.

Sony Trinitron KV-27V40 RGB Mod + SCART

While this isn't a technically a console project,  it represents the target display for the majority of my older consoles. In my opinion, RGB video signal is superior to s-video, composite, and RF. However, in the US, TV's that natively accept RGB are rare / expensive. After a good bit of research, I decided to pickup a very nice 27" Trinitron with the aim of modifying it to accept RGB through a new SCART port.

Xbox 360

My brother and I had a launch Xbox 360 during our college days. Aside from the constant threat of overheating and the almost guarantee of an eventual RROD, it was a stellar piece of hardware with a last-generation library of games that predated freemiums, microtransactions, and pay2win models. Fast forward 17 years and RGH3 drops which become a mandatory project in my mind. After a short search I came up with a mint Jasper and all the needed supplies to get started.



I actually never had a NES. My parents got us an Atari 7800 instead. However, my friends had them, and I got to play pretty regularly, so almost 40 years later I decided it was time I picked a frontloader up for myself. Plans include re-capping the board and installing Tim Worthington's NESRGB kit.


Another console I didn't originally own. The SNES passed me by frankly because I ended up on team Sega. Still, it's an amazing console with some really cool tricks that allowed it to pull off 3D effects much better than the Genesis could. In 2021 I picked up a SNES in good shape and only plan on a re-cap + refurbish since the SNES has native RGB out.


The Sega Genesis is actually the first console I bought (in part with my brother) with my own money. We missed the launch by a good margin, but after playing mortal kombat and sonic the hedgehog endlessly on the Montgomery Ward display units (my dad managed the electronic department) my brother and I saved up enough money to buy one. Since the Genesis already has native RGB out, my plans for this console is simply to recap and refurbish.

Playstation 3

The PS3 is where my interest in consoles started to decline. With the PS3 and The Xbox360 I started to see a departure from storage media and with it the tangible feel of ownership. Additionally, consoles were becoming so embedded that hardmods were becoming extremely difficult and a shift to firmware and/or software exploits was emerging, which wasn't as fun to me. That being said, I've picked up a CFW Firmware compatible PS3 Slim to tinker with.  



This is actually the only console I didn't have to re-purchase for my latest console revisit. It's on the shelf because that's where its been for years. To be honest, I know I'll get back to it, but it's near the end of my list. Previously it was modified with a wiikey, but I have a feeling, I'm going to have to un-mod the console in order to shift my approach to software exploits if I want something useable in the future.