Websites: 05/2022+

Realizing that Wix would eventually trap me in their frontend / hosting platform I set out to recreate my website as 100% self hosted. This meant losing my closed source designs that were initially generated with Wix's website builder and learning how to recreate my 4th revision website using HTML, CSS, and JS. 07/2017 - 05/2022

Following photobucket's decision to convert to a paid service and hold their user's images hostage I revised my website for a 4th time with an emphasis on self hosting and trying to stay away from closed platforms. In hindsight I didn't do such a great job as I was I was enticed by Wix's easy website builder. 12/2005 - 07/2017

My third website revision and the introduction of as a domain. I started to focus on tutorials  and experimented with offering automotive electrical services while putting myself through college. This is where you will find my archived MR2 services / tutorials.

Xoom Free Hosting 04/1996 - 12/2005

While this doesn't represent my first attempt at building a website it is the earliest backup. Sadly my first and highly informative "Spud World" website has been lost to time. My 2nd major revision came in the mid 90's where my much younger ~14yo self managed to churn out this gem. I had to strip out the non-conformance background midis, tracking bugs (I don't know why I was so obsessed with visitor metrics at 14), and visitor counter to make it work in modern browsers. Otherwise it's true to its original form. Prepare for your eyes to BLEED!