Updated 02/11/98
 8:30 pm 
Remodel Complete!!!(Read Below)
 I have finished my remodel. The things that were updated included:
1. There are no longer any jpg's on my entire set of pages.
2. I got rid of all my javascript buttons.

3. I replaced my slow frame with a newer, faster version (like changing from steel to titanium).

4. I made my page compatible with any resolution (although it looks best with 800x600 pixels).

5. I also opened my sections, "Credits" and "Disclaimer", for your enjoyment.

There are two ways of entry. The first is for surfers that would like to simply take a look at my page. The second is a special entrance for my friends. A password will be needed in order to access my friends entrance. More information is available below.

 Make sure you have a browser capable of handling Frames, Java, and JavaScript if you want to enjoy the full intensity of my page. I recommend Netscape 4.04, but Internet Explorer 4 is fine.
For those of you that are just surfing and would like to see my page please,
For those of you that I have issued passwords feel free to enter through this entrance to go to your custom made home page. 
If you have a password that you dislike or think someone knows, please feel free to use my  password changer. I'll send you a confirmation letter when your password has been changed.
Please note that since I haven't invented a javascript application to change your passwords automatically, I have to do it manually. So please don't expect you password to be changed the same day.
For those of you that don't have a password, but think you are a friendly person email me and we'll discuss it. For those of you that are my friends and think that I accidentally forgot to send you a password send me some email and we'll clear up my mistake. 


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